•   PowerLok - safety clip

    PowerLok Safety Clip

    If an installation requires extra security of the PowerLok lock down of the grates. The safety clip can be inserted once the PowerLok is engaged if the PowerLock is unlocked (the grates is not captive) the red safety clip cannot be inserted. The safety clip is molded in red plastic so a quick visual check is easily accomplished that confirms all of the PowerLok are engaged.

    For areas of security or safety concerns the PowerLok safety clip provides a visual alert for PowerLok lockings.

    Part Number - 10443

    The safety clip push fits next to the locked PowerLok device. Safety clip sits flush with grate surface and grate cannot be unlocked.

    To open PowerLok device the safety clip must be removed. If no red block visible the locking is not guaranteed, providing a visual alert that grates may not be locked.

  • 4-bolt Locking

  •   End Cap/ Closing inlet-outlet cap

    Closing cap - Fits all channels. Manufactured from black ABS to complement edge rail. Guides aid cutting to correct height. 4" bell end connection(S100K), 4" and 6" bell end connection (S200K), 6" and 8" bell end connection (S300K) to Schedule 40 pipe. Seal using PVC-ABS cement.


    S100K -4" Sch 40

    Part Number - 96824

    S200K - 4" + 6" Sch 40

    Part Number - 96823

    S300K - 6" + 8" Sch 40

    Part Number - 96827

  • Schedule 40 6" inlet/outlet caps - S100K only

    Polymer concrete end cap complete with a galvanized or stainless steel edge rail. A 6" Sch 40 connector is cast into the polymer concrete end cap. Inlet caps connect to female end of channel, outlet caps connect to male end of channel.

    SK1-304-6 6" Inlet cap Part Number - 96861

    SK1-404-6 6" Inlet cap Part Number - 96863


    SK1-304-6 6" Outlet cap Part Number - 96862

    SK1-404-6 6" Outlet cap Part Number - 96864


  •   Installation device & template

    Installation devices are used to align channels to create a complete trench run. Once the installation is complete using these devices the concrete is poured around the device and channels. Installation devices allow a single concrete pour.

    For 4" wide channels

    For 8" wide channels

    For 12" wide channels

    Part Number - 97477

    Part Number - 97478

    Part Number - 97479

  • Oval to 6" Schedule 40 pipe connector - 100 run channels only

    Oval to round polypropylene adapter for bottom drill-out on 4” polymer concrete channels. Schedule 40 6” plain end can be solvent welded to underground pipe system. Seal to channel using appropriate flexible sealant.

    1. Oval to fit drill out to channel

    2. Schedule 40 6" plain pipe


    Part Number - 95140

  • Vertical outlet strainer - 4" bottom outlet only

    Strainer for 4” vertical outlets, prevents large particles of debris flowing into underground pipe system and causing blockages.


    1. Flexible prongs fit inside Schedule 40 4" pipe

    2. Lip on both sides hangs strainer from base of channel


    Part Number - 93488

  • Foul Air Trap (FAT) - 4" size only

    A polypropylene foul air trap (FAT) that fits into front or side of in-line catch basins.The FAT is connected to the MDPE catch basins bottoms by means of Sch 40 female to female PVC couplings available from any plumbing retailer. Catch basin base, coupler and FAT are glued together.

    1. 2" removable rubber plug for rodding access

    2. Schedule 40 4" plain end pipe

    3. Schedule 40 4" pipe

    Inside catch basin - removable black rubber trap plug at top, 4" pipe outlet at bottom

    Part Number - 90854

Power Drain Accessories

A complete trench drain solution requires more than just channels and grates. Correct solution of outlets to plumbing pipework (outlets through catch basins or direct pipe connection) plus closing caps at starts and ends of trench and other items such as pipe outlet connections, installation devices, strainers and foul air traps are all part of a complete system. Read technical details in our Drain Catalog.