ACO Drain is the world's most globally recognized trench drain system. This elite status always makes ACO the first choice for prestigious projects.. The case studies below gives designers, engineers and contractors confidence in using the world's best trench drain.

  • Amber Cove Cruise Terminal - Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic - 2015

    When Carnival Cruise Lines needed a drainage solution for outside of the Amber Cove Cruise Terminal in the Dominican Republic, they installed the ACO KlassikDrain K200 and K300 with ADA Ductile grates. These grates can hold up to load class E and provides both an aesthetic and functional solution.

    Product: K200 with 678Q 1,100 feet; K300 with 878Q grate 295 feet

    Contractor: Ave Gustavo Mejia Ricart No 11 - Santo Domi

  • University of Florida Harrell Medical Building - Gainesville, Florida - 2015

    When the University of Florida needed a drainage solution for outside of the new Harrell Medical Building for the pedestrian drop off area and the building entry, they installed the ACO KlassikDrain KS100 with the Stainless Perforated grate. This particular system is approved up to load class C, which is designed for parking lots and general commercial areas.

    Product: KS100 with 465Q stainless perforated grate, load class C


    Contractor: Charles Perry Construction

  • CVS Pharmacy - Greenville, SC - 2015

    When CVS Pharmacy needed a discreet drainage

    solution outside of their new building in Greenville, SC,

    they utilized ACO BrickSlot. This was a unique project

    as it mixed concrete, bricks, and pavers.

    The slot blends in with the paving joints giving an

    aesthetic solution. Brickslot uses the KlassikDrain

    K100 4” (100 mm) wide trench system.

    Product: K100 with galvanized brickslot, 150 feet


    Contractor: Spell Construction, Inc.


  • Chattanooga - University of Tennessee, Tennessee

    Chattanooga - University of Tennessee


    In order to extend the accessible walkway through the heart of the UTC campus, form Heritage Plaza to Oak Street, through the area nicknamed 'Cardiac Hill', a series of sloped sidewalks and steps with handrails were required.


    A series of trench drain runs were required at the base of each run of steps to prevent heavy rains spilling across the sloped ramps.


    K200 provided increased hydraulic capacity with ADA compliant pedestrian friendly grate that was also architecturally pleasing, to ensure the projects aesthetic requirements were met.


    Several runs of K100 with matching wave grates were also used on the project.

  • Downtown Phoenix - Phoenix Light Rail, Arizona

    Downtown Phoenix - Light Rail


    The construction of the Phoenix light rail called for a variety of surface drainage solutions in the city center. Although Arizona is a desert state, when it rains the rainfall can be quite intensive and the designers wanted to make sure all the light rail infrastructure within the Phoenix city center was always completely clear of surface water. The nature of pedestrians walking over the drainage required compliance with the ADA law, but there was considerable traffic of all sizes and weights being seen by the trench drain also. These two factors in conjunction with the substantial sizing required to drain the intensive summer storms meant the use of ACO Drain S300K drainage trenches that run through the city center, stand alone ACO Drain series 600 catch basins were used and in some areas ACO Drain K100 with type 478 ADA compliant grates were used perpendicular to the light rail tracks - these provided catchment drains if water ran along in the direction of the rails. This was an important feature in the areas around the station.


    ACO has become an acknowledged leader in providing drainage for light rail installations globally. ACO has provided specific drainage solutions in countries as diverse as Morocco, Australia, France, UK, USA and Germany.

  • Downtown Montgomery - Coosa Street Montgomery, Alabama

    Downtown Montgomery - Coosa Street


    Recently, the historical downtown of Montgomery has been undergoing a transformation.


    Apart from being the capitol of Alabama, Montgomery is one of the most historical cities in the south - with a diverse impact on history from Jefferson Davies’s first pronouncements after the South’s ceding, to being regarded as a birthplace of the African - American civil rights movement. As part of the revitalization of the warehouse district in Coosa street additional drainage was required on the sidewalk.


    ACO Drain KlassikDrain K100 was the obvious choice for the trench and the ACO Type 479Q Mosaic iron grate was chosen to match the 1800’s feel of the surrounding buildings.


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