ACO Drain
ACO Drain Freestyle & Exotic Grates

Freestyle & Exotic Grates
Architectural features such as entrances, promenades, courtyards and landscaped areas, whether public or private, can all have their appearance significantly enhanced through the creative use of ACO Freestyle
and Exotic grates.

Freestyle Grates
ACO offers a semi-custom option with the opportunity to design the top surface look of an iron grate to complement your project design.


Exotic Grates
When the grate design and/or material becomes a focal point,
ACO can fully customize materials and/or finishes of grates to
suit client requirements.

Flexible production tools with ACO's own foundries make it possible to create unique
grate designs for projects with a custom
surface design on a standard KlassikDrain DrainLok™ grate.

The two part tool consists of a standard lower part to provide the structural support of the grate
and a customizable top part where the designers unique designs can be created.

A minimum order of 400 grates is required
for this option.


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  • Load class D

  • Available for 4", 8" and 12"
    KlassikDrain systems

  • Manufactured from ductile iron

  • ACO DrainLok™ locking system